The many great uses for drones these days

Forget about the games people, mostly men and their boys, like to play, like flying or driving radio-controlled aircraft or automobiles, in confined or regulated spaces. Forget about all things trivial; let’s think of the many practical and innovative uses for today’s DJI drones. These DJI-inspired mobile and airborne craft won’t be used for recreational purposes, but mainly for business and creative purposes, such as enhancing photographic and film features by operating a camera on a drone.

This short, informational note is mainly aimed at those who are not yet entirely familiar with drones and its practical and constructive purposes and serves as a means to encourage them to overcome previously ill-informed negative perceptions that have influenced their hesitancy to interrogate and investigate how a software powered DJI drone can help improve the way they operate a business or monitor an expansive land area under their control or ownership.

Previous perceptions regarding drones as war apparatus and dangerous killing machines need to be ditched for once and for all. Undoubtedly, they are still being used by the US military and other regimes, but in most cases, the use of such apparatus are closely monitored through government legislation and third party mechanisms deliberately put into place to ensure responsible and safe use of drones. The same responsible criteria apply to the private sector, and indeed, private-use operators who are still utilizing these airborne devices mainly for recreational and certainly creative purposes.

You are encouraged to also think creatively simply by jotting down a number of ideas of your own as to how drones can be used responsibly for the benefit of you, your business and your local community. In fact, on levels of authority, drone use is being encouraged.